Limited Edition Signed Print Bundle - All 6

Limited Edition Signed Print Bundle - All 6

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Box with all 6 prints

Size: 297x210 mm

Paper: Fine art 325 gr

Edition: 15 ex + 3 Artist proofs

Signature: The Hives and Goran Broberg (photographer)

For individual prints click here (Berlin, London, New York, Sydney, São Paulo, Stockholm)


The Hives travelled yet again to Berlin, this time to perform at the Made & Crafted Festival. Berlin, that shining jewel, that diamond in the rough of European cultural exchange and expression. It sure is a fucking rad place. The tangible excitement, the sweaty brows, the slight smell of ammonia, the quickening of the pulse. All there for you to look at, and look at again. Own this artifact and let it bear witness of what was. Let it echo through eternity. This was. Once upon a time in the day of The Hives. (29 Aug, 2015) 

London, Brixton Academy 

Yup we still call this venue just that. It’s had many names since the 4th of May 2002 when The Hives first let their white dancing shoes slide across its grimy, gum filled, gaffer taped floors. On the 21st of August 2014, we had the honour to once again bounce our cacophonous noise off this Grand Old Dame’s balconies and tapestries.


New York City, USA, America.

The Great Big Apple, the city that never sleeps on The Hives. Here the festivities took place at the world famous Irving Plaza. As Howlin’ Pelle himself says, ”I sometimes build a bed out of fans and sleep in it”. On this night did he ever! (25 Mar, 2013)

Sydney, Australia

Well this certainly was a treat. When The Hives were 6 years old they had their world expanded, turned on it’s head, explained and obscured all at the same time by sounds coming out of a home stereo system. These sounds were AC/DC and from then on The Hives dreamt of being on stage with irresponsible haircuts and gigantic amplifiers behind them. They dreamt of being Angus, Cliff, Brian and the rest. Well I think we got as close as we can get when AC/DC themselves asked us to join them on tour in Australia! Surely this was the ultimate arena rock experience and we got to be there, right in it, night after night to witness.

(Nov 4, 2015)

São Paulo, Brazil

On the 14th of November 2014 The Hives, together with Arctic Monkeys, and to much critical acclaim, staged a concert under the beautiful open sky at the Anhembi Arena in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  There were thirty thousand, count them again - THIRTY THOUSAND adoring fans swarming the field as the intro music came on and brought the goosebumps on this fine night. There were cameras and we have proof. This is the proof.


”When The Hives auctioned themselves off for charity (Musikhjälpen) the highest bidder was the ever-so-legendary Gröna Lund amusement park in Stockholm where The Hives and countless other icons have performed. They swiftly grabbed at the chance to create a small and rare intimate show with the World’s Greatest Live Band.” (3 Sept, 2018)

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